If any of these are a “day in the life” of your online marketing strategy, then it may be time think of getting support with your online marketing:

  • you have a Facebook page but too busy to research content and be consistent with marketing
  • you have a LinkedIn profile but don’t know how to maximize it as a marketing tool for your business
  • you have an email list but dropped the ball on marketing to your list
  • you’ve been stagnant and don’t know how to get started with email marketing
  • you have every intention of marketing on your social media platforms but don’t have a strategy for sourcing and scheduling content

Still thinking of moving forward? Yes. Check out the online marketing packages below.

Done for You Online Marketing Packages

Email Newsletter Package (Mailchimp)

  • Up to 4 newsletters per month (or one newsletter per week each month)
  • Light content creation, proofreading, editing and publishing of weekly newsletter (or will edit content you provide)

Blog Post Package

  • Up to 4 articles per month
  • Content creation up to 1,000 words per post
  • Proofreading, editing, and publishing
  • Blog post image creation or photo (if preferred)

[*Also, comes in a light package of 2 posts per month]

Facebook Marketing Package

  • 10 posts per week to Facebook business page (40 posts per month) Monday – Friday posts
  • Includes combination of text, still image, animated images, and video posts

Twitter Marketing Package

  • 20 tweets per week (80 tweets per month) – Monday – Friday posts
  • Engagement (follow, likes and retweets of other relevant pages and industries if preferred)

LinkedIn Marketing Package

  • 5 posts per week (20 posts for month) – Monday – Friday posts to personal or company LinkedIn profile
  • Light content creation of two LinkedIn pulse articles (300 – 500 words and may not be as lengthy as a blog post)
Set up Packages

Email Marketing Setup Package

  • Includes 1 hour consult
  • Account set up with Mailchimp
  • Upload existing subscribers (must be in excel format)
  • Email header creation
  • Email template set-up
  • Link to Facebook and Twitter
  • Publish first email newsletter or email campaign

Facebook Page Setup Package

  • Facebook business page profile setup
  • Add newsletter tab if using something like Mailchimp, Constant Contant or other provider that integrates with Facebook
  • Cover photo creation
  • Publish first 10 page posts
  • Like 5 relevant Facebook pages from business page

Twitter Page Setup Package

  • Twitter profile setup
  • Cover photo creation
  • Publish first 20 tweets
  • Follow 10 relevant twitter pages

LinkedIn Personal Profile Setup Package

  • LinkedIn profile setup & profile content creation
  • Cover photo creation
  • Publish first 5 page posts
  • Connect to 3 relevant LinkedIn groups
  • Follow 5 relevant company pages

I’ve worked with several clients locally in Omaha, Nebraska and have also had several retainer clients in Texas, California, New York, New Jersey, Florida, Illinois, and even Canada so location is not a problem!

Most of my clients are highly organized and super passionate about life and what they do and I likewise share that passion!

If you feel just the slightest itch to invest in social media and online marketing support, I’d love to set up some time for virtual coffee via Skype, Zoom via video teleconference, a phone call or if you’re local, I’ll even take a break from the virtual world to have real coffee together in person!

We can talk about what you need and find out if I’d be a good fit for you and at the very least build a new relationship whether I’m what you need or not.

I can’t wait to hear from you!!

You can contact me directly at geniece@geniecebrown.com to chat.

To your success!!