Resources That Enhance Your Online Presence and Build Your Business

I use every resource you’ll find below to help me with showcasing my website, driving traffic to my website, building my email list, and connecting with my clients. Typically my clients need my help with some of these items or ask what I recommend and use. So here it is!! *Just so you know, I am an affiliate for some of these sites so I may receive a commission if you purchase any products below. Many of the items below are free resources and are only paid sources if you want to upgrade to some of the premium features.*

Email Marketing


This is what I use for my email marketing and email newsletters, mainly because I love the email template editor and the integrations. Plus the sign form is easy to add to a website or to your Facebook business page to help with building your email list. There are integrations for, Facebook, Twitter, Leadpages and way too many (maybe hundreds) to list here.


Use the Hellobar to drive traffic to a social media page, drive traffic to a specific web page or even as a sign up form to grow your email list.


There’s so much I can say about Sumome. It’s literally unbelievable all that you get from this free plug-in: email popup boxes, email sign up forms, social share buttons, twitter highlighter and heat maps (that help you see what portions of your site is converting the best). There are paid upgrade options as well that will benefit you more but at least start off with the FREE option and maximize it for your website and business and upgrade for more.



This is a site that sells premium wordpress themes geared towards women entrepreneurs. When you visit the site, you’ll notice that the website themes are named after women. I use their Jacqueline theme. Their themes come ready with a prominent email newsletter sign up form like the black one you see at the top of my website pages and it’s set to directly integrate with mailchimp but can be used with other email marketing service providers.

Domain Names and Hosting


I use Hostgator for hosting of my website. Hosting is basically your real estate online. You need to purchase hosting to have your spot online. I pay less than $10 for hosting but there are hosting levels that are even less than that. You’ll just have to check it out to see what’s going to work best for you. You can also purchase domain names for your websites and emails from Hostgator.  My domain names are currently through Godaddy. The customer service is great for both Hostgator and Godaddy



The icing on the cake for your online presence. Use this to create social media profile covers, email headers, and simple website and blog graphics. There are tons of pictures and graphics for FREE but any paid graphic is just $1. You can customize your graphic with text, colors, and pictures. Please be sure to read the terms of use as the pictures belong to Canva and is not a system for creating a custom logo design. I use Canva to for my website header, prominent pictures on some of my web pages, and email marketing headers.


Pablo is a Buffer product. It’s free and the image formats come ready to use for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. There are thousands of high quality images to choose from. You can even download the images from Pablo and upload for use in your Canva account.  



Use animoto to easily create high quality videos for your social media pages and website. You just upload photos (or choose from animoto’s images) or video, add text if you want, follow the super easy step by step process for a professional video!


Of course youtube. I’ve taken videos from animoto and uploaded to youtube when needed. If you sign up for a google account (gmail) youtube is included in the huge suit of free products.

Social Media Scheduler


Buffer is FREE and super easy to set up for scheduling your social media posts, thus saving you time. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Googleplus, Pinterest. I use the “Awesome” plan. You can upgrade to “Awesome” for just $10 per month and schedule up to 100 posts at a time (connect up to 10 social media profiles). 



I love Google. It’s a one-stop shop for your business and you need to have some relationship with google to be competitive online. With a google account, you get email (gmail), googleplus (social media), document storage (google drive), alerts on relevant topics of your choice (google alerts), business listing on the web (google places). If you already use google chrome or any of the google extensions in google chrome, then you already know why I love it so much.

Hope you find at least one of these tools helpful if you’re not utilizing them already!!