Facebook has always changed their algorithm over the years and will likely continue to do so. There’s no reason to panic or get up in the air about it. It’s Facebook’s platform and they can do what they want at any time.

So what exactly is Facebook changing now?

Facebook is focusing more on the following:

Should you abandon Facebook or is it still relevant for your business?

I don’t think you should pack up and go just yet, but as a business owner, you should have multiple ways to market and maintain visibility for your business whether you do it all online or a combination of online and offline. With the growth and opportunities on social media, it’s here to stay for now, and I believe Facebook is still a great platform that can be used to benefit small business and more.

What can you do to maximize Facebook for business?

Adam Mosseri, VP of Product Management at Facebook, recommends the following: (Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/304767):

  • write compelling headlines
  • avoid overly promotional content
  • experiment and try different things (as what works for your audience may not work for the next)
  • use video

Mosseri also recommends using Facebook’s audience optimization which allows you to tell Facebook who is interested in your content as well as who may not be interested in your content so that you can target the right audience when creating posts.

If you’ve never invested in Facebook ads or have done very little with them, consider boosting some posts on your Facebook page or investing a certain amount in ad spending each month. At the time of this post, Facebook ads are still very low-cost compared to many other online platforms which makes it affordable for any business to take advantage of advertising if they desire. Plus their ads allow for customized targeting to help you reach exactly who you want to reach.

Lastly, remember that you don’t own social media platforms so their changes are out of your control. Investing in building your own platforms should always be high priority:

  • building and optimizing your own website
  • driving traffic to your  website or blog
  • capturing emails to build your email list
  • building any other type of database of customer & prospective customer contact information that allows you to follow-up with customers directly by email or other means

To your success,
Geniece Brown

P.S. – What are you doing to maintain visibility and marketing for your business on social media, your website or other places? Or please let me know of any comments or concerns about the ever-changing Facebook algorithm?

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