How to Categorize Your LinkedIn Contacts


One of the neato benefits of LinkedIn (that you won’t find on any other social media platforms) is it’s CRM capability. Each time you connect with someone, LinkedIn stores the date (as to when you connected) and your message and your connection’s message (if you interacted with each other). Go to one of your LinkedIn connections and […] Read more…

How to Make Your Website Look Like Someone is Home


If your business is virtual like mines, then creating a personal presence with my website and social media pages is crucial. Even if your business isn’t virtual or online, we’re in the digital age and from what I see it’s getting more digital by the day and not slowing down. Whether you do this with your website or social media […] Read more…

Why You Need to Unplug and Recharge


I recently went to a much-needed trip to Chicago for the American Small Business Champion (ASBC) event. Sponsored by Sam’s Club and SCORE, ASBC is awarded to two businesses (from each state every year) for the sacrifices each business has made to their own business. Keep reading and I’ll tell you why you too need to unplug […] Read more…

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